Letters to the Editor

Sex abusers: JFK and Clinton don't belong in club

Re: “Mount Gropemore” editorial cartoon (TNT, 12/6).

I have always enjoyed the opinion page, including letters to the editor and the daily cartoon. But I was taken aback by a couple of the faces of past presidents in the “Mount Gropemore” cartoon that were included among the celebrities, people in the news, etc.

There is a difference between conducting a sexual affair and being groped or manhandled.

The likenesses of John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton do not belong on this list. They both had consensual affairs with women. So did Dwight Eisenhower and others, I am sure.

That does not make it OK, but it takes two consenting adults to have an affair.

The other despicable men in the cartoon are no more than sexual predators and need to be tried for their behavior.

Sandra L. Burgess, Tacoma