Letters to the Editor

Mueller probe: Cartoon choice irresponsible

Re: TNT editorial cartoon, 12/20.

Although editorial columns and cartoons are intended to represent a wide range of views, there is no excuse for the reckless selection of the cartoon featuring Robert Mueller surrounded by caricatures of Hillary Clinton.

You choose to print the worst kind of right-wing demagoguery with no basis in fact, lowering this paper to the level of Fox News portraying the special prosecutor as engineering a coup against President Trump.

This assertion is malicious propaganda and a bald-faced lie, everything we have come to expect from this administration and its backers.

Mueller is a lifetime Republican appointed by a Republican president with a long and unblemished record of impartiality. He was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, another lifetime Republican appointed by a Republican.

The moment that Mueller became aware of the offending texts, he relieved those responsible from their investigatory duties.

With this irresponsible choice, the TNT is allying itself with and enabling the very people who are really trying to destroy our fragile democracy.