Letters to the Editor

PLU: Eyes squarely set on better future

Re: “Era ends at PLU; identity search goes on,” (TNT editorial, 11/30).

If one were to read this opinion piece, the casual observer might walk away thinking Pacific Lutheran University had lost its way. As someone on this campus daily, I can say without hesitation that’s simply not true.

Like newspapers, universities face challenges that impact nearly every aspect of their operation. The need to change has never been greater, and we have embraced that fact as only PLU could: in the Lutheran spirit of questioning and reforming.

This past year, a courageous group of our faculty took on the challenge of realigning our educational program to meet the needs of our student body. Faculty took ownership of our educational mission and made difficult recommendations to reduce their own ranks.

In time of need, they didn’t bury their heads in the sand, they stood up to the challenge. PLU will be a stronger university as a result of that work.

PLU is devoted to educating students for lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership and care. We are inspired by work in the classrooms and the laboratories, in the concert halls and on the athletic fields.

Perhaps our effort is best seen in the lives of our alumni. Scratch the surface of any hospital, school, nonprofit or large business in Tacoma and you’ll find Lutes of all ages called to make their communities better.

From where I stand, this doesn’t sound like a school that has lost sight of its mission or Lutheran heritage. I see them burning bright on this campus every single day.

If you need help seeing it, stop by sometime and we will make sure to share it with you — because the world needs more Lutes.

(Belton is acting president at PLU.)