Letters to the Editor

Russia probe: Two thoughts on GOP machinations

First thought: Conservative Republicans argue that those on the political left, liberals, Democrats or their families cannot be allowed to investigate alleged wrongdoing by President Trump, his campaign or his administration, because they are biased.

Conservative Republicans also argue that the results of the many investigations clearing Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing were biased because they were conducted and written by left-leaners and Democrats. Investigations thus need a do-over with unbiased personnel.

Their Inevitable conclusion: Only political conservatives can be trusted to investigate political wrongdoing with dispassion and objectivity.

Second thought: Clearly, elected Republicans are frustrated by the drumbeat of embarrassing leaks about the Trump administration.

During the prolonged investigation of foreign meddling in American elections, including possible wrongdoing by Trump, House Republicans are on the defense.

They have decided to de-classify and publish (minimally different from leaking) the Republican version of conclusions from the committee’s investigation, aka “The Memo.”

Conclusion: Releasing "the“Memo” is an attempt to influence the jury in the court of public opinion — the voters of 2018.

Whether this release is in the service of transparency or more like jury tampering remains to be seen.