Letters to the Editor

Public lands: Navy training deserves support

Re: “Navy wants SEAL training in 5 times more state parks, Port of Tacoma,” (TNT, 3/13).

I was left almost speechless after reading this front page article. It is nearly unbelievable, but it appears that our Navy SEALs actually face opposition to a proposal for some occasional and discrete training on public lands.

Critics, such as the West Coast Alliance, are concerned that “maritime exercises could prevent recreational boaters from landing at a park, and whether campers could be put on edge by SEALs sharing park space.”

For the sake of our nation, SEALs routinely face discomfort, pain, wounds, dismemberment, capture and death. They help protect the rest of us from enemy military, terrorists and criminals.

Now, they also face American opponents who would deny them essential training. Why? Because SEAL operations might constitute “conduct and activities that disturb the public. . . .”

Don’t you think that our military members, especially the SEALs, deserve our patience, understanding and support?

True, we might possibly be a little inconvenienced by the crucial training they need to survive and to succeed in the defense of our country. But it is the least that we can do for them.