Letters to the Editor

Running start: Not as cheap as advertised

Re: “Running Start works, but looks to expand those it helps with college,” (TNT, 3/21).

This article is somewhat misleading. While Running Start does cover tuition for high school students, it does not cover fees, which can add up to $1,000 a year. I paid $1,065 for my son’s three quarters of full-time Running Start.

They also do not cover books or supplies. In addition, not all colleges will accept these transfer credits.

Advanced Placement courses are free to take, but to get college credit, a student must score well on the AP exam. While some high schools cover the exams, others don’t.

They cost $94 per exam, and there is no guarantee your child will get the college credit, since it depends on their results and if the college will accept the credits.

College in the High school is free, but to get college credit, students must pay a fee to the offering college.

I had to pay $370 for one semester course offered by the University of Washington for my daughter. Then the college she chose did not accept the credits for transfer anyway.