Letters to the Editor

Mail theft: No wonder Postal Service is failing

Until fairly recently I have believed that the U.S. Postal Service offered reasonably reliable service. I have had to discard that notion as naïve and foolish.

During the last year or so, payments I sent to my credit union and another business never arrived. Then the birthday card with a check for my daughter-in-law never showed up.

Finally, the last (and worst) straw was the birthday card with money in it for my grandson was never delivered.

(My sorely needed tax refund has not come yet either even though it is well past the time it should have.)

Yes, I know I was stupid to have trusted in the basic goodness of people and not to have insured his card.

Meanwhile, I have a grandson who received nothing from his grandma today and a daughter-in-law who had to wait a long time to get her replacement gift.