Letters to the Editor

Drug injection sites: Reducing harm saves lives

Re: “Pierce County should not deliver drugs,” (TNT local viewpoint, 3/25).

Trust in God; everyone else bring data.

Pierce County Council member Pam Roach states that 780 folks died from illegal drugs in Vancouver, B.C. the first half of 2017, implying that supervised injection sites built the crisis. (”...if you build it, they will come”).

Does she know how many more would have died without these sites? Looking at the Public Health Surveillance Data for Vancouver Coastal Health, there were about 175 ER admissions for illicit drug overdose every week in 2017.

Statistically there could have been hundreds more deaths than 780. What made the difference?

Harm-reduction methods have shown lower rates of chronic disease infection (hepatitis C, HIV, etc). Lower rates of infections save lives in the short run, and money in the long run.

Please do not pass regulations that shutters options without understanding the consequences.