Letters to the Editor

School bond: Foes on Peninsula are disingenuous

Lately, I’ve seen a bunch of signs around town opposing the Peninsula School District’s capital bond, which will come before voters on April 24. I was struck by the sign’s tagline: “There Is a Better Way.”

The better way, evidently, is a $50 million levy, which sounds remarkably like the one the district put on the ballot five years ago, when labor and material costs were lower and the problems facing our schools were less acute.

Trouble is, the no campaign opposed that measure also.

This is Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown. The no campaign has no better way. Their group seems inclined to oppose any measure, no matter the cost.

Fortunately, the bond has received widespread support from reasonable folks across the community, including Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist, former Pierce County Council member Terry Lee and the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce.

It addresses critical infrastructure needs at our schools while keeping the annual cost to taxpayers low. (In fact, the local school tax rate will actually go down, even if the bond passes.)

It deserves our support.