Letters to the Editor

Beverage tax: Block efforts before they start

Re: “Initiative would target city, county soda taxes,” (TNT, 3/20).

As a long-time local food service employee, I’ve come to fear the possibility that a tax on beverages or other groceries could lead to me losing my job.

A new tax on beverages and other groceries, if it were approved in Tacoma, would almost certainly force customers to take their business to nearby Federal Way or Lakewood.

Decreased revenue would put my job, and the jobs of countless others, on the line. We’ve already seen businesses in Seattle struggle under the burdens of a new beverage tax.

Why would we want to bring that economic damage here, where my coworkers and I rely on our jobs to keep food on the table for our families?

I urge all to join us in supporting a state ballot measure to prevent towns and cities across the state from passing new grocery taxes.