Letters to the Editor

Mail theft: Poetic plea for better precautions

Re: “Mail theft: No wonder Postal Service is failing,” (TNT letter, 3/30).

I empathize with the writer of this letter. I also have had my mail stolen from an unlocked mailbox, which resulted in identity theft.

My question for the writer: Is your mailbox locked or secure? You see —

I pick up litter when I walk every day.

But it’s not always litter, I’m sorry to say.

Sometimes it is mail from a box that’s not locked.

What they don’t want gets strewn around the block.

I’ve been finding discarded mail on a monthly basis for over 10 years now. Sometimes the envelopes are opened, sometimes not. Frequently I find mail in the street blocks away from the address on the envelope.

Mailbox marauders and porch pirates are out there, but don’t make it easy for them by using unlocked boxes or unsecured delivery systems.