Letters to the Editor

Peninsula: Don’t swallow school bond pessimism

It’s incredibly disappointing that critical upgrades to Peninsula schools are in jeopardy because of a few vocal citizens who won’t support investments in our community unless it benefits them directly.

It’s even more disappointing that they’re spreading half-truths and outright falsehoods to promote their agenda.

Their outspoken leader apparently believes in no government spending at all, rather than responsible investments. The “better way” they advertise was proposed by the school board several years ago and members of their “committee” rejected it.

With such flip-flops and such negativity, how can we trust this group?

In contrast, our school district leadership has been accountable and transparent. Near perfect state audits for 10-plus years clearly demonstrate this.

The proposed April 24 bond is carefully planned and has bipartisan support. It replaces an expiring bond and will result in a reduction in school-related taxes by 2019, when it takes effect.

This information isn’t a secret; it’s available for review on the PSD website.

Anti-school activists are peddling pessimism and misinformation, and I hope voters see through this charade.