Letters to the Editor

Trump: Propaganda puts democracy under fire

Because of a previous agreement with the Trump administration, the latest news is that Sinclair Broadcasting Company is demanding that their news commentators read mandatory statements.

They are dictating points that newscasters must read to their viewers, claiming that mainstream media is not be trusted. According to these statements, Americans can’t trust their traditional newspapers and news programs.

When authoritarian leaders wish to take over countries, they establish questions about the accuracy of the news. They ban books and try to endorse what runs on television and in printed media to tell the people what they should know and believe.

Propaganda and distrust of newspapers and television media are just the beginning. Repeating lies ad nauseum Is another way that Trump is attempting to destroy democracies.

When people question what they believe or hear a lie often enough, they cease to be able to discern which candidate deserves their vote or which policies and actions the country should adopt.

Democracies die with lies and propaganda. If Trump and his administration are the only authorities to whom one should go for truth, the United States of America is lost.