Letters to the Editor

School shooting: NRA members don’t deserve scorn

In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, it’s understandable that students are speaking out. It’s their First Amendment right.

But in doing so at least one student denigrated Sen. Marco Rubio for the campaign funds he received from the NRA and another student, David Hogg, denigrated Sen. John McCain for the same reason.

While they have a right to speak out, no one is obligated to accept their comments as sacrosanct or inviolable.

The shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was recognized as a threat long before the shooting, but the authorities didn’t take effective actions to deal with the threat. Likewise the security guard at the school didn’t take effective actions to protect the students.

Hogg and the liberal media have focused little attention on these failures. Instead, they have focused their attack on the NRA and its law-abiding members.

Hogg and liberal commentators in the media have disparaged, criticized and want to silence NRA members, but no NRA member has carried out a mass shooting on a school or anywhere else.

They are entitled to representation of their views in Congress by the elected representatives they’ve chosen.