Letters to the Editor

School bond: Nostalgia gives way to sadness

My family has deep roots in the Peninsula School District. I graduated from Peninsula High in 1959 and raised two sons who graduated in 1988 and 1991

My granddaughters will attend PHS, classes of 2029 and 2031. That is over 70 years at the same school!

Recently, I went back to PHS to see my granddaughter’s play. The sights and smells brought me back to walking the halls in my pleated skirt and Jantzen sweater, on the way to Mr. Miller’s history class.

At first it felt nostalgic, then I realized little had changed in so many years.

The building felt old and worn out. The restrooms were almost scary — toilets and sinks were stained with rust. The ceiling had a hole from repairing a leak.

I felt very sad that this would be the environment my grandkids will be facing.

Even if you do not have kids or grandkids in the schools, it is our legacy as seniors that we will be remembered for. Please vote yes for the bond.