Letters to the Editor

Peninsula bond: District runs on borrowed time

Peninsula school facilities are in an alarming state of disrepair. They are woefully antiquated and increasingly unsafe. The district is operating on borrowed time.

My story is not unique as a parent in our district. My children have never had a year in elementary school where the school was not beyond capacity and have spent years in portable classrooms. Lunches at Purdy Elementary are barely 20 minutes. There are mice in Peninsula High classrooms.

My kids are active in athletics, so I’ve traveled around the state to watch them compete. I’ve been in multiple facilities where I get to see the gymnasium, commons, bathrooms, and look through the windows into the library and classrooms.

All the schools I have been in are superior to the schools in the Peninsula School District.

There are moments in life where decisions matter, and it’s our responsibility to capitalize on these moments. It’s been 15 years since we passed a school bond, and it’s time for our community to come together.

As a concerned citizen, former educator, youth coach and mom of three kids who attend Peninsula schools, I ask you to please vote yes on the capital bond.