Letters to the Editor

Rapid transit: Officials with brains favor buses

Re: “Pierce County looks at bus rapid transit along Pacific Ave.,” (TNT, 4/9).

Reading this article, I was reminded of Scarecrow from “The Wizard of Oz” and his famous exclamation: “I have a brain!”

Imagine bus rapid transit costing $10 million a mile instead of $200 million for light-rail. Really? After pushing light-rail for 30 years, they realize we have bus routes that can cost less.

The Sound Transit projects that will eventually bring light rail to Tacoma will cost billions, and that’s for routes that currently have buses.

How much good could be done if this money went towards homelessness, drug abuse, mental health, hunger, education and all the other real issues that face us?

Can you imagine the help that could be extended to those in need, and how that would move all of Tacoma forward?

Why do some people so vehemently insist on planting steel rails in the ground when there already are buses on those routes?

Now that they have a brain, maybe they should be like the Tin Man and grow a heart to help those less fortunate.

But that would take courage to admit they are wrong. Speak to the Lion about that.