Letters to the Editor

Port of Tacoma: LNG plant a bad deal for citizens

Re: “Port of Tacoma, Puyallup Tribe work to strengthen relationship,” (TNT, 4/9).

I read this op-ed by Port Commissioner John McCarthy. There are serious negatives with the Port’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) refinery, which the Tribe opposes, such as:

* Air pollution from natural gas leaks and LNG leaks during ship refueling: The LNG likely will not have odor but at 5 to 15 percent concentration, it will be flammable.

* Explosive possibilities: The refinery will also store butane, propane and ethane.

* LNG is not needed to meet pollution-control requirements; other shipping lines will meet these requirements without LNG.

* Natural gas customers and government will need to provide a subsidy.

* Too little major accident/disaster insurance.

This is bad deal for the local citizens, and tribal leaders have it figured out correctly. It is time for all elected officials to get a high school chemistry refresher and stop believing the PSE corporate brain washing.

The same applies to the high-dollar corporate executives pushing this dangerous agenda.

If you believe the corporate tripe, then buy a house in Northeast Tacoma overlooking this disaster waiting to happen.