Letters to the Editor

Syria attack: Armchair critics should stand down

Whether we are fans of President Trump or not, all should agree the strike on Syrian facilities, which did not endanger civilians, was militarily and politically smart and sent a firm message to the world.

It demonstrated our readiness and ability to defend ourselves and allies in the event of war.

It can be looked upon as a military maneuver giving our fighting forces live-fire confidence in their ability to strike with precision, if we ever have to use it in defense of our country.

It also showed that the U.S. is willing and ready to stand up for people in Third World countries if attacked by their own military dictators with chemical weapons.

The armchair quarterbacks who would complain about the expense of this cautious military strike are the same ones who would scream bloody murder if multiple civilians were killed and ignore the significant message it sends.

If we did nothing they would be screaming that because of our lack of military action these people will continue to be persecuted.

It’s a no-win situation which the naysayers live for every day of their lives.