Letters to the Editor

Trump: Commander of tweets endangers our troops

Many of us who know that the U.S. has Special Forces troops serving in Syria are revolted by some recent tweets by our so-called leader. He threatens, bullies and makes it clear that missiles are on the way.

Never mind that we have people serving over there who might be placed in real danger. Never mind that Pentagon officials were not made aware the president would make these threats.

This is not the behavior of a competent commander in chief. This is the behavior of an angry, hysterical old man upset by an FBI raid on his private attorney.

And if our troops pay the price for that hysteria, he should be removed from office and tried for crimes that placed them in greater danger with his stubby-fingered tweets.

Our military should be treated with the deference and respect of their leader. His tweets could harm them, their mission and all of us who care about their safety.