Letters to the Editor

Unions: U-Haul workers shouldn’t shill for boss

Re: “U-Haul used its own employees to help keep out unions,” (TNT, 4/8).

I wonder if the employees shilling for U-Haul’s opposition to unionization know anything about labor history. For one thing, if you get weekends off and overtime pay, thank people who fought for unions.

Ditto the eight-hour workday. And higher wages. Not to mention sick time, vacations and grievance procedures.

And let’s not forget child labor laws. Do you want your child toiling in the hot sun or operating machinery? If not, thank unions.

Worth mentioning, also, is that one of our best presidents, Dwight Eisenhower, unequivocally endorsed unions. Unions were also instrumental in the implementation of his infrastructure program.

Lastly, go back to the 1950s, arguably a time of solid growth and prosperity. What was that all about? Strong unions and a strong middle class.

If U-Haul employees need more convincing, they might inform themselves by reading about the Ludlow Massacre, the Bethlehem Steel Strike, et al.

They might also wake up to the fact that by purportedly speaking for their employer, they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

After all, who has the most to gain? Corporate interests? Or the little guy? The little guy never wins without a fight.