Letters to the Editor

Trump: He’s deepened swamp, not drained it

President Trump, the White House staff and his cabinet heads are proving to be incompetent, unethical, immoral and corrupt. This starts with the president, who goes against the norm of government, lacks intellectual and emotional discipline, and believes he is above the rule of law.

During the campaign, he stated that only he could fix the problems in Washington. He promised to drain the swamp.

Instead, the secretaries and administrators that Trump selected are doing whatever possible to limit or destroy the agencies they head.

Citizens depend on these agencies to oversee public education, safeguard the environment, public health and fair housing laws, and protect public lands, to name a few.

Instead these department heads are using their positions to dismantle agencies and roll back regulations, while fleecing taxpayers of millions for personal travel, $30,000 tables and soundproof phone booths.

They’re using their power to enrich themselves and their billionaire donors and corporations.

The swamp has become a cesspool!