Letters to the Editor

Road safety: Always be aware of motorcyclists

We applaud our automobile industries in their efforts to provide us with safer vehicles not only for us as drivers, but for those who share the road.

The industries have provided electronic sensors that warn us of vehicles too close on either side of our vehicle and even provide braking assist for anticipated front-end collisions.

We, as motorcyclists, do not have these luxuries and must depend on our driving skills to have a safe journey on our highways.

April is dedicated as Distracted Driving month and easily melds into the month of May, which is dedicated to Motorcycle Awareness.

With these two safety dedications in mind, we ask the motoring public to continue using common sense along with utilizing the features provided in their vehicles to share the road and have a safe journey.

A tip of our helmets in thanks to the many motorists who take that extra moment to drive safely and be aware of motorcyclists.