Letters to the Editor

Volunteering: Start young, develop new life passion

As a 10th grade student at Summit Olympus High School in Tacoma, I want to encourage students to volunteer during National Volunteer Week on April 15-21 and the rest of the year.

Volunteering your time at an organization in Tacoma is an opportunity to give back to your community and learn a new skill or find a new passion.

I was introduced to a local organization, 2nd Cycle, that takes used bikes, fixes them up and sells them at an affordable price. I was first introduced to them through a youth program called Earn a Bike. Later I started volunteering.

I do not volunteer often but when I do I know I’m helping out my community. Volunteering is a good thing to do for local nonprofits around the area.

Find a community organization with a cause that you care about or find interesting. You’ll be a positive contributor to your community, learn a new skill and challenge yourself.