Letters to the Editor

Democrats: Sore losers ignore Trump’s strengths

The Democrats seem fixated on President Trump’s two short affairs 12 years ago when he was a private citizen. Who cares? Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct occurred when he was an attorney general, a governor and the president. Big difference.

Recently, Trump along with our allies, England and France, attacked several of Syria’s chemical weapon sites. This sent a strong message that the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated.

Trump has brought the U.S. back to its rightful place as leader of the free world after the weak leadership of President Obama.

Democrats have repeatedly told us that Trump was soft on Russia and had alienated our allies. Why did they get it so wrong? Because they are the biggest sore losers in the history of presidential elections and will never accept Trump’s election victory.

We also learned from the Justice Department Inspector General that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired for lying four times.

Nearly a dozen top Justice Department and FBI officials have been fired, demoted, retired or reassigned over improper conduct and an anti-Trump bias.

Corruption? Absolutely. And all to undermine Trump’s candidacy and presidency. Democrats will use any means to regain power.