Letters to the Editor

Facebook: We can’t afford to ignore deception

Re: “Elections: Facebook didn’t cast my ballot,” (TNT letter, 4/12).

I take exception to this letter, although I understand the writer’s point. Any people who believe that Hillary Clinton had a child sex traffic operation in a pizza basement, or that the Sandy Hook massacre never happened, or that the high school students in Parkland, Florida, are paid actors, are indeed “morons,” as the letter writer said.

You can’t fix gullible. Most informed readers know the difference between a respectable news source like the New York Times and a trashy tabloid like The National Enquirer.

Where I differ is allowing companies like Facebook to sell our correspondences without permission for political purposes. We need stricter regulations

I also take issue with the writer saying the Mueller investigation is a waste of taxpayer money. Trump lies more frequently than tells the truth or is completely misinformed.

Three men in the Trump campaign inner circle have already pleaded guilty, others are indicted, 13 Russians are charged with using Facebook to deceive voters. Not to mention Trump’s personal lawyer using his money to pay off a porn star.

We need to know if our president is a crook.