Letters to the Editor

Education: Head Start builds bright futures.

As an advocate for children, I believe all kids deserve a strong start in life. But too many of the 15 million U.S. children living in poverty—or nearly a quarter of all children living in this country—enter school not prepared to succeed.

Fortunately, high-quality early childhood education programs like Head Start and Early Head Start help low-income kids receive an equal opportunity to thrive.

In fact, since its creation, Head Start has helped prepare more than 33 million American children for kindergarten and beyond.

National statistics show that children with the opportunity to be in Head Start reduce their vocabulary deficit by 38 percent during the program year and Head Start children are 31 percent less likely to have been held back a grade.

But not all kids who qualify for these programs have access. That’s why I’m urging Tacoma area members of Congress to invest more in Head Start and Early Head Start.

Without this vital program, many kids fall behind and it’s often difficult for them to catch up.

Head Start builds bright futures. Let’s give it the investment it deserves.