Letters to the Editor

Transgender: Some soldiers need surgery to be whole

Re: “Military transgender ban is defensible,” (TNT letter, 4/14).

Regarding the questions posed to transgender soldiers by the letter writer:

1. “Where do you go to the bathroom?”

If a person is now female, she would go to the female bathroom and use a stall (as any female might). If a person is now male, he may use a urinal if reconstructive surgery is complete and, if not, he may use a stall.

In any of these situations, no one would know the difference.

2. “Are you expecting the government to pay for your surgery?”

This is an interesting point. To my understanding, elective surgery is not paid for by the government. However, what about the many soldiers that returned home with horrific injuries from IEDs and other instruments of war, which require such surgery?

I have no problem with my taxes helping them with reconstructive surgeries and, as a veteran, am proud to do so.

3. Regarding the writer’s comment about not supporting “conduct I find morally abhorrent,” that is certainly one’s choice to make.

But again, I mention veterans with combat-related injuries that need such surgery.

It would be a shame to deny any soldiers the chance to rebuild their bodies and their lives and become normal again, whatever “normal” means.