Letters to the Editor

Airport noise: Flight school pesters Gig Harbor

I saw a letter a few months ago complaining about airport noise and wholeheartedly agree.

Gig Harbor is inundated all day and every night until 10 p.m. by private training aircraft, apparently old and loud with pilots learning to fly 600 feet overhead. That’s not comforting under any circumstances.

It never fails to amaze me that a private business with a handful of clients feels it’s just fine to bring discomfort to thousands of people in their own homes or on their decks.

I’m not talking about the few actual users of the Tacoma Narrows Airport who may need to take a flight out, but rather the private flight school with a plane or two overhead all day long. They make endless little circles, one after the other.

For years you could sit out on your deck and marvel at the quiet and beauty of Wollochet Bay. Now it’s like swatting mosquitoes and never getting rid of them.

These planes could just as easily fly over the Sound in less populated areas and help us out. Will they? Doubtful.