Letters to the Editor

Evictions: Privilege plays out under free enterprise banner

Re: “Landlord illustrates difference between illegal and immoral,” (TNT, Matt Driscoll column, 4/22).

On the surface there are no villains in the deplorable situation that residents of the Tiki Apartments in Tacoma find themselves thrust into.

But make no mistake, this situation should give all of us pause.

The investors who now own the units and are evicting residents are simply exercising their privilege to make gains in a hot real estate market.

Free enterprise, right? Yep. Can’t deny that brutal fact.

But those gains would still be adequate six months from now, which would have allowed those displaced folks time to scrimp, save and readjust their lives.

That, my friends, is what the power of privilege can do and does do. But we choose to shine up the ugly and ignore the fact that privilege is power.