Letters to the Editor

Kindness: Airplane gesture worth a salute

Each week, I make the horribly long drive in traffic to fly out of Sea-Tac Airport. I frequently witness many self-entitled travelers. But today I’m here to tell you there may be hope for humankind.

On April 12, while my Alaska Airlines flight from Boise to Sea-Tac was boarding, I saw a woman sitting in first class talking to the flight attendant pointing to the rear of the plane.

I have to admit, I thought she was probably requesting something extraordinary for herself. But as the plane door was about to close, I saw the flight attendant ushering a soldier up to first class.

The aforementioned woman stood up from her wide, cushy seat, thanked the G.I. for his service and then gave up her seat and sat is in his spot somewhere near the rear of the plane.

Thank you, gracious woman, for reminding me we all should go out of our way to be nice to others, especially to those who sacrifice for our country.