Letters to the Editor

Freeway cheaters: Bad signage compounds bad policy

Re: “Tacoma exit-lane cheaters not menace to society,” (TNT editorial, 4/22).

I agree with your editorial board’s opinion, and I believe there are flaws in the traffic sign at South 56th Street.

First and worst, the sign is located well down the collector lane, long after a motorist would realize he was committing an infraction and could opt to stay on the freeway.

Second, the sign is placed on the passenger side, and is easy to miss if the driver is paying full attention to the road and other traffic.

Finally, the sign is wordy, with five lines of print, and unlike most traffic signs, is not easy to read at a quick glance.

If the state insists on maintaining this foolish policy, how much better it would be to place the sign on the left side of the freeway exit where motorists would see it before they opted to exit, and with simple, clear wording.