Letters to the Editor

Transgender troops: Care for one, care for all

Re: Transgender ban is defensible,” (TNT letter, 4/14).

As a veteran and citizen, I would like to add to this letter writer’s suggestions on improving the military.

The writer is fixated by bathroom identity, but soldiers can’t fight if they must keep their legs crossed, and sending them into a combat area where there are no hygienic facilities is barbaric.

Perhaps we should have a fleet of trucks to preposition properly labeled port-a-potties — his, hers or trans — on the intended battleground.

Meanwhile, the cost of medical operations is getting out of hand. Perhaps enlistees should be required to have their appendix removed prior to joining so that taxpayers wouldn’t have to pay for its removal later.

With the money saved, maybe then the Pentagon could afford to pay the cost of caring for battle-wounded soldiers instead of pushing it off on scammers calling to help out our wounded vets, limbless warriors, etc.