Letters to the Editor

Government employee: Internet abuser gets off easy

Re: “Puyallup councilman dinged for use of internet at work as county employee,” (TNT, 4/18).

I am totally amazed at the lack of punishment for this outright theft of tax dollars.

As taxpayers of Pierce County, are we expected to let the county use our money to provide Tom Swanson his $99,732 legislative analyst salary, plus benefits, while he sits at his county-supplied computer, with county-supplied internet service, and surfs the web?

Just how much total time was wasted above and beyond the sample that was mentioned in the article? What about his supervisor? Is that person being held accountable as well?

It’s amazing that he takes little responsibility for his actions and blames getting caught on bitter Puyallup politics.

Politicians and public employees found guilty of this behavior should be relieved of duties immediately instead of getting a light slap on the hand.

And when they do leave, please do not forget to have them turn in their taxpayer-supplied cellphones as well.

(Boyle is a former Puyallup city council member.)