Letters to the Editor

School strike: Tacoma area lawmakers failed us

Don’t blame the teachers or the school district; our elected officials have failed us, specifically those from the 27th, 28th, and 29th legislative districts.

They failed to adequately vet the funding proposal for our local schools. Now our teachers, students and families are suffering.

The funding formula is complicated, and as our representatives it was their job to both understand it and advocate for a fair deal. They didn’t do their job.

Schools are the foundation our community. Tacoma citizens consistently supported higher tax rates in order to create quality schools – a circumstance that was penalized by this funding formula, and which our legislators should have addressed before it hurt our children.

I am both angry and disappointed in them.

It’s unfortunate that a fix isn’t imminent, but in the meantime, our kids need to be in school. The School District must give teachers the pay increases they deserve. We must continue to hire and retain the most qualified and effective teachers.

Then, we as a community must come together to pressure our legislators to fix the inequities.

Jennifer W. Wynkoop, Tacoma