Letters to the Editor

Republicans: Sorely lacking in moral credibility

Re: “Press failed a good man; will Senate make same mistake?” (TNT, 12/2).

In her op-ed column, state Sen. Ann Rivers claims the press unfairly allowed a charge of rape to go unchallenged against “one of the most respected members of the state Senate.”

As a self-described “leader” in the Senate Republican Caucus, she is engaged in total hypocrisy.

The Republican Party has put two sexual harassers on the U.S. Supreme Court, and a sex predator in the White House.

I forgot how many Republican congressional candidates dropped out or were defeated in the midterms due to charges coming from sex abuse accusations against them by women.

Please, senator, don’t attempt to use the “fake news” hogwash to deny the Republican Party has lost its moral/ethical focus in blind pursuit of raw power answerable to no one.

The people of Sen. Joe Fain’s district decided correctly by showing him the door.