Letters to the Editor

Bullying: High school trauma not end of it

Re: "Emerald Ridge High's response to bullying insufficient, student protesters contend," (TNT, 12/23).

I’d like to raise awareness about the issue not only of bullying but also how it affects a person after high school and into their adult life.

I experienced bullying in the Puyallup School District from junior high all the way through high school. With numerous attempts to seek help and nothing being done, things progressively got worse.

I was assaulted, stalked and belittled to the point I tried to take my life more than once.

I want to bring attention to the fact that the effects of bullying don’t just go away once you leave high school. The trauma stays with you forever.

I’d like to be an advocate for survivors and teach those who are going through it different ways they can learn to move past it and live a better life.