Letters to the Editor

Homelessness: Addiction takes heavy toll on Tacoma

Have you seen the new KOMO-TV documentary, “Seattle is Dying”? Well, Seattle is not alone. Tacoma is dying as well.

Drug-addicted people are destroying the beautiful place we call home. Local leaders, from the governor down, continue to say the problem is homelessness, but the problem is addiction.

While our police officers are told not to intervene, these people continue to litter beyond belief, use the bathroom wherever they choose, camp wherever they choose and commit crimes over and over again.

Meanwhile, we taxpayers raising families have to deal with it.

The blame solely lies with us. We have to take back our cities, and it starts by electing leaders who understand the issues and are unwilling to be compromised by politically correct elitism.

Intervention is the key. Providing safe injection sites and not upholding our laws is not the answer.

Maybe when people refuse to travel here, something will be done. Or then again, maybe this region is destined to become what it looks like: a dumping ground.

Richard Mercier, University Place