Letters to the Editor

Mueller report: Let people see what cost them $25 million

Re: “Dems push destructive agenda,” (TNT letter, 4/11).

As I liberal, I do have faith in Robert Mueller’s report but not necessarily the Attorney General William Barr’s four-page conclusion.

Barr needs to release the full report to Congress and preferably to the American public, who spent $25 million getting this information.

The letter writer made the analogy of a woman either being pregnant or not, but then concludes Democrats’ aim is to “manufacture information through innuendo and speculation.”

That would only be possible if the report is not released in its entirety. To have no doubt and complete clarity is to have all the facts, not some of the facts or most of the facts.

Furthermore, we had years of investigations with Whitewater that did not corroborate crimes other than President Clinton lied about having a fling. Benghazi had countless investigations.

If one is calling the Mueller investigation “destructive,” what does that make all those investigations that proved no wrongdoing about the Clintons?

John R. Whitmore, Gig Harbor