Letters to the Editor

Tiger Woods: He epitomizes redemption in America

In this sad epoch of divisiveness and hatreds, Tiger Woods thrills us with a gift of the American story and the American spirit.

The son of an Asian immigrant mother and an African-American father who proudly served his country, Woods is a powerful example of the American dream.

A man of immense talent – and like us all, a victim of personal demons and failings – he scaled the heights of fame and fortune only to be hurled back into the depths.

Two years ago he could not walk without severe pain and strongly feared he would never play competitive golf again.

Today, after winning the 2019 Masters tournament, he is a shining beacon of redemption, triumphant but also humble and gracious after learning some of life’s hardest lessons.

Woods has fought addiction and unimaginable physical trauma and once more stands ascendant against one of the strongest fields of adversaries in the history of his game.

His story is one of the American adventure writ large.

Chuck Burton, Steilacoom