Letters to the Editor

Growth: Without trees and greenery, we all suffer

Re: “Pierce County growth prompts officials to look at development rules,” (TNT, 4/7).

Plans for more density in urban unincorporated Pierce County can either increase or reduce the impact of global warming. Studies show nature can help solve climate change.

Trees are nature’s lungs, removing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. A mature large tree removes 48 pounds of carbon from the air annually.

The proposed plan concentrates development along high traffic corridors. This “strip development” is easy, ugly and unhealthy, with pollution from cars and trucks. Landscaping with over-pruned street trees and shrubs does not adequately cleanse the air.

Recently, the county cut 600 mature trees from two golf courses. Those trees removed 28,800 pounds of carbon annually. Were they replaced?

The growth plan should include small neighborhood forests. Schools and public lands are critical locations for climate education and mitigation.

Pierce County should identify and save bogs, wetlands and prairie remnants. Streams and lakesides should be planted, and industrial and commercial sites should have significant plantings.

The local associations of Master Builders and Realtors helped draft the plan. The public needs scientific input, prioritizing solutions to global warming through environmental plantings.

It’s time for Pierce County to green up and be part of the solution.

Nell Batker, Tacoma