Letters to the Editor

Illegal dumping: Don’t think we can’t see you

I love Tacoma, so I’m not a fan of people dumping garbage on the streets.

To all the dedicated folks who drive through my neighborhood at night to throw a myriad of garbage out of their cars onto the streets and lawns: Please stop.

Tacoma is equipped with public garbage cans all over the city as well as refuse disposal sites (city dump). Whether you’re walking, riding or driving, find a garbage can or wait until you have enough refuse for a dump run and take care of it.

Whatever you do, don’t dump your garbage on the street. It is a health hazard and illegal. And, most important, we can see you:

▪  The guy in a Suburban who throws Rolling Rock beer cans on the street and lawns.

▪  The woman in the new cream-colored Cadillac SUV, a regular, who throws out furniture pieces and garbage.

▪ The woman in the silver sedan who threw out dirty jeans and bags of garbage.

On and on.

If you want to conceal a drinking problem or an illicit affair, please do it without leaving a trail of garbage (and evidence) for residents to clean up.

Cynthia Lawlis, Tacoma