Letters to the Editor

Identity politics: White males face suppression

The Democrats, elite media and much of the nation’s colleges have made identity politics the primary issue in our country today.

America was founded on the principle that all people are equal and should be judged on merit only, and that the country would assimilate everyone who honors our constitution. The statement “all men are created equal” was unique in the world at that time.

Since the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, white American males have worked hard to assimilate all ethnic groups and create a society of individuals who treat all humans without bias.

A bloody Civil War was fought, led by white male leaders, on the road to treat all humans equally.

The Covington Catholic High School student incident earlier this year defines the corruption of modern identity politics. An older minority group attempted to suppress immature white boys with loud, aggressive, vulgar language near the Lincoln Memorial.

The media and their followers initially condemned the boys as bigots, but the boys proved the minority group were the bigots and the media dropped the story.

The mindset of the media recognizes only presumed white bigotry.

Donald W. Wilbur, University Place