Letters to the Editor

School levies: Predicament was very predictable

I was among a group of people who knew it was a bad idea when the state Legislature first presented its idea in 2017 to “fully fund” schools by imposing a statewide property tax rate.

In the short term it led to many school districts negotiating new contracts with teachers that included pay raises. I had to wonder how is it they are claiming we will pay less yet get more, especially with these new contracts.

As it turns out this fix, which was supposed to solve the problem of school districts relying too heavily on local levy dollars, has led directly back to local districts cutting jobs as fast as they can and floating the idea of restoring their levies.

Some of us knew it all along: You can’t take in less money, agree to contracts that give sizable pay increases and think you will get more.

Now it’s time to pay the piper.

Brenden S. Anderson, Steilacoom