Letters to the Editor

Impeachment: Get going, local Congress members

After reading most of the redacted Mueller Report, I feel compelled to once again push our Sixth District congressman, Rep. Derek Kilmer, to call for the impeachment of Donald Trump.

There is enough evidence in the report to prove several impeachment articles. Start the proceedings and then have testimony from special counsel Robert Mueller, former White House counsel Don McGahn and others.

Why wait? This madman is teetering on a breakdown that could result in so much more damage than he has already wrought in this country. And now he is demanding his staff break the law by ignoring subpoenas from congresssional committees!

Stop procrastinating, wringing your hands, deliberating, wimping out! Mueller paved the path with the report itself! Use it! It’s all there for you! Get going!

Pamela Schied, Gig Harbor