Letters to the Editor

School cuts: Puyallup uproar not just about teachers

Re: “Internal strife stoked by teachers union misdirected,” (TNT editorial, 4/21).

It’s not just teachers who have voted no confidence in Puyallup’s school superintendent. Nearly 1,700 Puyallup educators, including paraeducators, science techs, interpreters, nurses, bus drivers, office professionals, custodians, security personnel and maintenance workers, have voted no confidence in Tim Yeomans.

Yeomans’ proposal to eliminate more than 100 educator positions would increase class sizes and reduce the help and support we provide each child. However, our lack of confidence in Yeomans predates his threat to lay off educators.

His disrespectful statements, refusal to negotiate fair pay for support professionals and decision to outsource our district’s preschool program are examples of failed leadership.

Facing budget challenges, Yeomans had a chance to lead by working with educators and the community to protect our students. Instead, he threatens punitive job cuts, accuses educators of “howling” and dismisses our concern for students as a “distraction.”

And he wrongly blames teachers for the district’s budget problems.

Yeomans is more focused on justifying his bad decisions than supporting educators and students.

While The News Tribune Editorial Board defends Yeomans, Puyallup educators demand new leadership.

Carie A. Sauders, Puyallup

(Sauders is a paraeducator and president of the Puyallup Education Support Professionals Association.)