Letters to the Editor

Congress: Get on with work you were elected to do

Re: “Democrats set to hold Barr in contempt over Mueller report,” (TNT, 5/7).

Even I would have contempt for those knotheads in Congress, who wouldn’t know truth if it bit them.

When you start with your perceived answer and work back to the question, truth becomes a fantasy. Or worse, a weapon.

Any 400-page tome could be considered too much information and could easily be read between the lines for whatever answer you are looking for.

Impeach or don’t impeach, but just get on with the jobs you were elected to do.

Personally I wouldn’t give a dime for a carload of Democrats or Republicans. They both seem to be cut from the same cloth and can only see what would benefit their party of choice, not necessarily what may be for the good of our country.

Rodger A. Hartley, Tacoma