Letters to the Editor

Anthem: Wrong place and time for kneeling protest

I am a disabled veteran and attended a sporting event Saturday, on Armed Forces Day. It was the annual “Army vs. Navy” roller derby meet between the JBLM Roller Derby team and the Northwest Derby Company from Bremerton.

Each meet is preceded by the National Anthem with a skater circling the track waving an American flag. All the fans and the JBLM team were standing. But not so for the Northwest Derby Company team. Four or five players took a knee and did not stand for the Anthem.

I have no idea what their “protest” was about. Social injustice? Abortion? Donald Trump? I-5 traffic congestion? They didn’t make known their issues.

Whatever they were, I do not believe “taking a knee” at an Armed Forces Day event was appropriate. While they may have the right to protest, they were conducting the meet to thank, respect and honor the very people who are willing to die for them and who have already died for them preserving their freedoms.

Kenneth Severe, Lakewood