Letters to the Editor

Film production: Tacoma has history as great host city

Re: “Pierce County can make more movie magic,” (TNT, 9/26).

I was interested and pleased to see this editorial. That said, I am curious why there was no mention of Tacoma’s successful Film Commission.

In the late 1980s and early ‘90s the Film Commission brought all or part of at least nine feature films here. “Hand That Rocks the Cradle” was one of those.

Additionally we hosted music videos, numerous commercials and other type of films. These productions employed local residents, bought equipment and supplies, filled hotel rooms, hired extras, etc.

The direct impact was more than $15 million. Most important, Tacoma became known as a good place to work, which led to more inquiries and enhanced the city’s reputation and increased positive press coverage.

Jacki Skaught, Tacoma