Letters to the Editor

Climate: Youth march deserved prominent recognition

Re: “Young people worldwide demand action on climate,” (TNT, 9/21).

I was happy to see the Global Youth Climate Strike and its events highlighted on the front page with a detailed story. This is the biggest issue of our lifetimes and a crisis for us all.

At the same time I was extremely disappointed that the only mention of the local Youth Climate Strike was a picture and caption buried in the middle of the paper.

A story about the local event that drew 300 to 400 people and was organized by our local youth should have been front page news as well.

Besides being incredibly well organized and well attended, the youth-led group marched to City Hall and met the People of the Salish Sea marchers who had walked 10 miles that day, carrying banners, chanting and drumming.

We in the Puget Sound are feeling the effects of the climate crisis now, with wildfires, orcas and salmon dying, glaciers melting and the trees in our forest dying. The building of the LNG plant on tribal land, which commits us to fossil fuel technology for the next 30-40 years, is also huge issue.

Elizabeth Scott, Lakewood